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Jonatha Brooke – I'll Try lyrics

I am not a child now.
I can take care of myself.
I mustn't let them down now.
Mustn't let them see me cry.
I'm fine
I'm fine.
I'm too tired to listen.
I'm too old to believe
All these childish stories.
There is no such
Thing as faith and trust and pixie dust.
I try
But it's so hard to believe.
I try
But I can't see what you see.
I try
I try
I try

My whole world is changing
I don't know where to turn
I can't leave you waiting
But I can't stay and watch the city burn (umm)
Watch it burn

Cause I try
But it's so hard to believe.
I try
But I can't see what you see.
I try
I try
I try and try to understand the distace in bettween
The love I feel, the things I fear and every single dream

I can finally see it
Now I have to believe
All those precious stories
All the world is made of faith and trust and pixie dust

So I'll try
Cause I finally believe
I'll try
Cause I can see what you see

I'll try
I'll try
I will try

I'll try

To fly

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  • gravityfallsaddict
    The person singing is trying to say "I'm a woman of my own. I'm not a child anymore, I need to grow up" but, it seems she is not yet ready to grow up. She is saying "I cannot let them see me cry." but on the inside she is crying. She tries to pretend that she is fine, she doesn't need their help. She is trying to say she is to frustrated and fed up with her life and she doesn't want to listen or believe in childish and what she thinks fictional stories. She tries to tell herself there is no such thing as Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust. She is dealing with too much troubles in her life to care about stories when there is a ranging war outside but, in the end she finally sees the magic, she finally believes that the world is made up of Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust.
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  • f
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