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John Williams – Jedi Rocks lyrics

Joh Yowza, "Koo nee tang, na' na' na', ah lawah. Koo nee tang"
Sy Snootles, "Cha tung ee-ma chay-choo raun ta-nee-ee-choo"
Rystall, Greeata and Lyn Me, "Ee-ma chay-choo raun"

Sy Snootles, "Ko-nee nan-kee chong noy khan chay-chee-kum
Chee ka koo-ja oo pa-pa chee-ka-nang kee hey"
Rystall, Greeata and Lyn Me, "Chee-ka nang kee hey"

Sy Snootles, "You bang ris-pa ka may wang pee-ya nay, yea"
Joh Yowza, "Oo-la-wang choo koo-chee-pa-tie tan-ga ris-pa ta ya lee oh
Yo, ahh, yal-lie"

Sy Snootles, "Ee-ma ta-ka-moo nan-kee say yal-lee oo ya see"

Rystall, Greeata and Lyn Me, "Na-too pa"
Sy Snootles, "Chun-kee sal-la ma-na na-too pa"
Rystall, Greeata and Lyn Me, "Zai ya la"

Joh Yowza, "Hay koo-ma zai ya la"
Rystall, Greeata and Lyn Me, "Do koo chee"
Sy Snootles, "Hoy hat-chi doo-k, opps, oh, ooh"

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