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John Hiatt – Paper Thin lyrics
I was gonna get up off that bar stool
Just as soon as I could figure it out
Why I was overlooked at the car pool
Stood up at the dance with no twist and shout

When you're burnin' with your last desire
And every memory haunts you
You write it down in alcohol fire
'cause that's the only flame that wants you

When you're paper thin
Yeah, read all about it
When you were out of luck, well, luck was doin' alright
Now you're paper thin
Yeah, they can see right through ya
You just cut you're little finger on the edge of the night

Now do I really have to be responsible
For what I did between those tavern walls
I was just mixing up some chemicals
You could've heard a pin drop, could have heard time crawl

And every once in a while
You could hear you're own heart pound
Maybe some paper doll with a pasted on smile
Would let you write her number down


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Paper Thin meanings

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    The man is an alcoholic. Unable to get off the bar stool to do anything other than go take a piss. Overlooked at the carpool? He cannot be counted on to drive because of his drunkenness or the fact that people know that they cannot count on him showing up because of drink induced sickness. He is always craving and that usually his last desire at any given moment. Every moment haunts him due to the fact he operates in a blackout most of the time. When he wakes from passing out he is then haunted by the thought of, "Oh my God! What Happened last night?" Once again he has no idea. The alcohol burns these blank spots in his head (alcohol fire) because of these constantly occurring episodes. He alienates everyone that loves him to the point that the only thing that wants him is the alcohol. He is a shell of a man. Living day to day drinking himself to oblivion. He is paper thin spiritually. People know what he"s all about (they see right through him) and they keep away from him because of it. He is a user and a loser that some how in the back of his mind thinks hes doin' alright. But deep inside he knows he is a mess. He accepts his fate. He argues that he is just out having a good time but the life he has chosen consumes him. Every once in a while he might get the chance to get the number from some bar fly chick that really has no clue as to the f**ked up nature of this man. He might even get to go home with her or go get a little sex in someone's back seat. He thinks that makes him normal. Proves hes ok. However, he knows she will eventually find out about his wasted life and leave him on the same bat stool she found him on.
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      The man is an alcoholic. Unable to get off the bar stool to do anything other than go take a piss.... Read more →

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