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John Denver – Boy From The Country lyrics

This song appears on two albums, and was first released on the An Evening With John Denver album as a live track, and has also been released on the Some Days Are Diamonds album as a studio version.

Because he called the forest brother
Because he called the earth his mother
They drove him out into the rain
Some people even said the boy from the country was insane

Because he spoke with fish in the creek
He tried to tell us that the animals could speak
Who knows, perhaps they do
How do you know they don't
Just because they've never spoken to you

Boy from the country, he left his home when he was young
Boy from the country, he loves the sun

He tried to tell us that we should love the land
We turned our heads and laughed
And we did not understand
Sometimes I think that the boy from the country
Is the only one who sees
Because the boy from the country
Doesn't want to see the forest for the trees

Boy from the country, he left his home when he was young
Boy from the country, he loves the sun

Words and music by Michael Murphy

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    It is about St Francis of Assisi. The talking and communicating with the animals, leaving his home and the people thinking he was insane is exactly what St Francis did. He believed that he could talk to animals and they could talk to him. He understood so much about life and nature. He did not believe that you needed to go to church to be in Gods presence and that Nature was where God lived as well as in Heaven. He did not believe in material riches and things and actually gave up all his worldly things to live in nature and was a true minimalist. He came from a very wealthy home his father being a textile merchant from Assisi - people couldn't understand why he would give up all the comforts money brings to basically live in the forest with only the clothes on his back. His robe that he made was constructed of bits and pieces of many types of garments and materials. Whatever he could find and he made it himself.
    Also "he called the forest brother... he called the Earth his Mother" are indicative of St Francis as well. He believed that God was in everything and that we must care for the Earth and its inhabitants. He was like the first Ecologist in addition to his spirituality. He actually was made a Saint (I believe) within two years of his death which is unusual for the church to do.
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