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Joe – All That I Am lyrics

La da dah
La da dah
La da da da da dah
La da dah
(Check it)

I can't buy you fancy rings
Or all the expensive things
You're used to, baby
No trips around the world
No diamonds or pearls
To give to you, baby
But what I've got to give
Is more precious
Than you'll ever know

My deepest in feelings
My heart and soul

Cause all that I am
Is a man in love with you
(You, yeah)
Cause all that I am
Is a man who's heart is true
A man in love with you

Oh baby
Oh girl
Yeah yeah

Girl I know you know I'm blind
Cause, when I look into your eyes
You meet me halfway
(Yes you do)
Just accept me as I am
Try to understand
That I want you always
Just give me the chance
And I'll show you
The world, my love
Yeah yeah


(+ yeah girl)

Deny it all you want
I know you have
Your doubts about me
(Your doubts about me)
Just put them all aside
And follow where your heart leads

Cause all
(That I am)
That I am
Is a man who loves
All that I am
Who's heart is true
Baby yeah yeah

Cause all that I am
Is a man who loves you
Oh baby
Man in love with you
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah
Oh Oh Oh Oh Ooh
Man in love with you

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