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Jimmy Buffett – African Friend lyrics

African friend
By: jimmy buffett
Disembarking at duvalier airport
Seeking transportation to town
As the purple ink dried on his passport
He could still feel the eyes look around

Messieur ou y est casino? [ do you know where the casino is sir? ]
Spoke to the cabbie and smiled
Driver replied vieux ou noveaux. [ old or new? ]
As he motioned the dark man inside

Business in aruba concluded
He now had a little money to spend
That's how I came to meet my african friend

We were rolling the bones several hours
Conversing as most gamblers do
We were calling on all of our powers
Hopin to see the night through

But not approving at all of our winnings
Pit boss he tugged at his sleeve

Through the whole thing my new friend was grinning
When he motioned it's time we should leave

With our night at the tables behind us
We were ready just to do it again
That's when I came to know my african friend

But I woke up on the steps of a whorehouse
Soldier told me I'd better leave
As I stumbled to find me a taxi
I saw a note pinned to my sleeve

It was a pleasure and a hell of an evenin
Truly was our night to win.
But the authorities insist on my leaving
Take care my american friend.

With my weekend at haiti concluded
I now had a little money to spend
That's when I came to meet my african friend
That's how I came to know another good friend

This album is dedicated to juan cadiz, save the whales, save the earth,
Support greenpeace.

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