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Jimi Hendrix – The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice lyrics

The stars up above that play with laughing sam's dice
They make us feel the world was made for us
The zodiac glass that bleams come through the skies
It will happen soon, for you

And a way we go
Thank you very much
Thank you very much
And now we would like to bring to you our wide lonely freindly neighborhood
Experience me
Right now listen
The milky way express is loaded, all aboard
I promise each and every one for you you won't be bored
What I'm really concerned about
Is my grand-new pair of butterfly roller skates
Thank you, thank you

No throwing cigarette butts out the window
No throwing cigarette butts out the window
Now if you look to your right you'll se saturn
If you look to the left you'll see mars
I hope your brought your parachutes with you
Hey look out!
Look out for that door
Don't open that door
Don't open that door
Oh well
That's the way it goes
Hey, everything is all right now

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    No hidden message here. LSD STP is about tripping on acid, one of Jimi's fav pastimes. Amazing song. He had just been given a new pedal to try out and put it to brilliant use on this recording. I have the original bed tracks for the song without the pedal. The pedal is what makes it so explosive. You can find the mostly finished product on a posthumous release called South Saturn Delta, which contains other cutting room floor material.
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