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Jimi Hendrix – 1983... A Merman I Should Turn To Be lyrics

Hurray I awake from yesterday
Alive but the war is here to stay
So my love catherina and me
Decide to take our last walk thru the noise to the sea
Not to die but to be reborn
Away from the lands so battred and torn
Forever forever
Oh say can you see it's really such A mess
Every inch of earth is A fighting nest
Giant pencil and lipstick-Tube shaped things
Continue to rain and cause screamin' pain
And the arctic stains from silver blue to bloody red
As our feet find the sand
And the sea is straight ahad
Straight up ahead
Well it's too bad that our friends can't be with us today
Well it's too bad
The machine that we built
Would never save us that's what they say
That's why they ain't comin' with us today
And they also said it's impossible
For A man to live and breathe undrerwater
Forever was A main complaint
Yeah and they also threw this in my face they said
Anyway you know good and well
It would be beyond the will of god
And the grace of the king
Grace of the king
So my darling and I make love in the sand
To salute the last moment ever on dry land
Our machine it has done its work played its part well
Without A scratch on our body when we bid it farewell
Starfish and giant foams greet us with A smile
Before our heads go under we take our last look at the killing noise
Of the out of style
The out of style out of style oh yeah
So down and down and down and down we go
Hurry my darlin' we mustn't be late
For the show
Neptune champion games to an aqua world is so my dear
Right this way smiles A mermaid
I can hear atlantis full of cheer
Atlantis full of cheer
I can hear atlantis full of cheer
Oh yeah

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1983... A Merman I Should Turn To Be meanings

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    This masterpiece is of course a work of fiction with elements of truth intertwined throughout the song. We find truth in the poetic intensity of his lyrics in that part of the song where he tell us that " we take a last look at the killing noise ( the noise of explosives as they are being detonated ) of the out of style". Look at his description of missiles " giant pencil and lipstick tube shaped things" or how "every inch of earth is a fighting nest", it seems like there is always some kind of violence going on in the world whether it's another war, a drive by shooting, domestic violence etc. I believe what he is referring is the aftermath of weapons of mass destruction.
    Now for the fictional part of the song but a very beautiful happily ever after. Our character and his love catherina find an answer to the dilemma that they are in, that answer being that they somehow find the entrance to the mythological world of atlantis. They are greeted by smiling starfish and giant foams as a smiling mermaid indicates that she will show them the way. The way to a wonderful world where fascinating creatures that are "full of cheer" participate in "neptune champion games".
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    Jay Drawde
    This song was written in the sixties. It was a very different time than today. Today, people are technology junkies. Everyone is in love with technology, especially their phone. This song was written at a time when people were rejecting technology, rejecting the system, leaving corporate jobs to live on communes, trying to "get back to the land", "being one with nature", "living naturally", If you think of candles when you think of hippies it wasn't because they were digging on the aromas, it was because they were doing without electricity. They weren't talking solar power.
    Or wind power. They were talking "People Power". Working on a farm didn't mean driving a tractor, it meant grabbing a hoe. And achieving self sufficiency living as nature intended was the goal.

    And this was the mindset of the folks Jimi was referring to as "our friends" who "won't be coming with us today".
    They don't just object to the idea of living underwater on the basis of it's viability, they are philosophically opposed to it because it means being reliant on a piece of equipment, a machine, to breathe.

    "Anyway, you know good and well, it would be beyond the will of god, and the brace of a cane."

    A cane is a natural thing made of wood. You could fashion one out of a tree branch in a couple minutes. Folks with a purist ideology when it comes to self reliance and "being one with nature" would have no problem relying on a cane for support. But not machines.
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    Jimi was always straight ahead. He didn't get the rest of the dumb, violent pricks out there and he knew that they didn't get him. When I'm surrounded by dumb, violent pricks I dream of a place where I don't have to deal with them, and he was doing the same in this song.
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      This masterpiece is of course a work of fiction with elements of truth intertwined throughout the... Read more →
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      Jay Drawde
      This song was written in the sixties. It was a very different time than today. Today, people are... Read more →

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