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Jim Croce – Photographs And Memories lyrics

Photographs and memories
Christmas cards you sent to me
All that I have are these

To remember you

Memories that come at night
Take me to another time
Back to a happier day
When I called you mine


But we sure had a good time
When we started way back when
Morning walks and bedroom talks
Oh how I loved you then

Summer skies and lullabies
Nights we couldn't say good-bye
And of all of the things the we knew
Not a dream survived

Photographs and memories
All the love you gave to me
Somehow it just can't be true
That's all I've left of you

(Repeat Chorus)

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  • e
    This song reminds me of someone whom I loved once. A man who made me so happy and we dreamed about so many things together. I remember the nights when indeed we can't say good-bye as we should end our conversation over the net. We are about to get married when he was struck by cancer and passed away and now what is left o are his photos and my memories of him.
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  • d
    Back in the mid-70's, when this song was current, I loved a woman with all my heart. It didn't work out, and whenever I heard this song it would bring back a flood of memories.
    And all of the things we knew
    Not a dream survived.
    Well, the feelings survived, and we have recently made contact after 36 years. She sent me the Best of album and listening to it is wonderful. We got to see each other in July and it was wonderful. The relationship can never be fulfilled as we are both in our 60s, married, and have children. But the feelings and passion are as intense as when we were in our 20s. She is truly the love of my life.
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  • j
    My meaning to this song? I can tell you my meaning. Twenty-five years of loving one man from the time I was 18 years old. Of growing up together and of raising a child together -- of laughing together -- loving together -- crying together. Of standing by one another while we buried our parents, and of celebrating the birth of our son. And of letting one huge mistake take all that away and I'm only left with a box full of photographs. And memories. Yes, I understand what this song means.
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  • u
    I think of my mother who passed away just a few months ago. I listened to it yesterday in the car and the tears just gushed from my eyes. My mom died of lung cancer. It was a 2 1/2 year battle and she was very brave. I on the other hand, was not. I miss her desperately and my whole family has fallen apart since her death. She was my best friend. And "we sure had a good time when we started way back when". I think of summer mornings when she'd sit on the porch drinking an iced coffee. And we'd play with the mcmahon's, our neighbors. I love my mom. So much.
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  • u
    Since I lost my daughter to melanoma in april of 09 i’ ve been listening to the bridge on sirius radio because of the mournful tunes that they play.
    This morning on my drive to work they played jim’ s photographs and memories. For the first time it really hit that’ s all I have left of my little girl.
    I cried and at the same time thanked jim and asked him to look in on stephanie and tell her that daddy loves and misses her.
    And that we all miss him to.
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