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Jill Sobule – The Jig Is Up lyrics

If I had a lot of money
Id move to another country
Id disappear, not tell a soul, I'd change my name
Or maybe I'd go back to school
Major in something foolish
And I could do it cause I'd have a lot of money
Here I am holding on to childhood's dream
Sitting in my apple tree
Swaying as the branches tremble under me
The jig is up, it's all been played
The well is dry, the bed's been made
The jig is up, the jig is up
Maybe I could jump,
Jump off the Brooklyn Bridge
But I don't live in Brooklyn
And I don't know how to swim
Or I could find religion
Go on some kind of mission
Feed the poor, and then I would go to heaven
If I believed in heaven
Here I am, holding on to childhood's dream
Standing on the balcony
Waiting for someone to come and rescue me
The jig is up, the dance is done
The record skips, the song's been sung
The troops have dwindled down to one
The jig is up
The jig is up, the sun has set
The train is wrecked, the sheets are wet
And like I said, the jig is up
Well I can't really disappear
Cause I don't have a lot of money
And I don't really think I wanna
Go back to school
But maybe I'm just in a bad mood
And I need to change my attitude
And when I wake up tomorrow
I'll believe in heaven
Here I am, holding on to childhood's dream
Climbing down the apple tree
Waking as you pull the covers off of me
The jig is up
The jig is up, yes it's been tough
The punch is drunk, the shrink is shrunk
It's time to get the baby up
It's off to work let's start the car
We'll turn it over in its grave
And start again its soul to save
The ji

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