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Jesse McCartney – Just So You Know lyrics

I shouldn't love you
But I want to
I just can't turn away
I shouldn't see you
But I can't move
I can't look away

And I don't know
How to be fine when I'm not
'Cause I don't know how to make a feeling stop

Just so you know
This feeling's taking control of me
And I can't help it
I won't sit around
I can't let him win now
Thought you should know
I've tried my best to let go of you
But I don't want to
I just gotta say it all before I go
Just so you know

It's getting hard to be around you
There's so much I can't say
Do you want me to hide the feelings
And look the other way

And I don't know
How to be fine when I'm not
'Cause I don't know
How to make a feeling stop


This emptiness is killing me
I'm wondering why I've waited so long
Looking back, I realize it was always there just never spoken
I'm waiting here...
Been waiting here...


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  • r
    Same here.
    My girlfriend and I broke up for 1 month already. She said it to my face saying she doesn't love me anymore, and it was because of her ex-boyfriend. She said it was not because of him. But I know it was. They went to a movie just after our broke up. She's my first love too. I still love her. Everything seems to remind me of her, every person we knew and that we used to hang out together, every little thing that we have done before. It kills me inside. Yeah I'd wish I never knew her too. The pain inside. It hurts every morning when I open my eyes and hurts even more when I go to sleep at night.
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  • u
    This song is for someone who can't help himself about what he really feels toward someone else. Even though he tried his best to hide and keep the feeling by himself, he always finds himself in pain and despair about the fact that he cannot express what he truly feels. Just by merely looking at the lyrics " the emptiness is killing me, i wonder why i've waited so long". We can say that he feels very empty and heavy hearted because the love that he feels cannot be reveal as well as reciprocated. He's wondering why he waited so long and what keeps him from telling the truth. It simply because the one he loves is already committed. So before he go and let go. He just wanted to tell his feeling " just so you know". So that the girl has idea.
    The meaning of the song is a very brave approach. He will just let go but first he has to make sure that the girl has ideas about his feeling. No matter what happen. Reciprocated or not. At least and utmost he was able to reveal his feeling :(
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  • m
    This song relates to my situation a lot.
    My boyfriend and I broke up after two years. And I'm so heart-broken and sad. I don't know what to do. I still love him and he still loves me. But this girl came along and he needs to figure out if he is supposed to be with her or with me. I just wish this would have never happened. Sometimes I hope that I never knew him, that I never got close to him, this way I wouldn't have to endure this pain. Its killing me inside. And I can't stand seeing them together, I think to myself "i used to do that for him." I guess my time is done. I don't want a new boy or anyone but him. He was my first love. He was the only constant in my life and now that has been taken away from me. He was my best friend, my first love, and the only person who really knew me.
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  • destinystarfan
    Omg this song actually made me cry =( I was acctually listening to it's over on a website and so I went down to the comments and it said omg jesse your song just so you know is probably # 1 and it's over is #2 and so I was like if people really like this song I should check it out. And so I did. Right after I saw the music video I cried. I mean it reminds me of nick {my future husband} and selena. Ggrrr. But I really cried.
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  • u
    Year 2006... I sent this lyric to my 1st ex-boyfriend via email. I did this as I don't know how to say everything to him. I can't explain the feeling of falling out of love from almost going 6 years of relationship with him. And now I just heard the song again from Spotify's playlist and it reminds me of the feeling of regrets somehow. If only I give him a chance to re-work whats not, maybe.. maybe.. from there on we don't have any communication at all though we have the same circle of friends and got some updates, but he never talked to me nor add me as a friend on his social medias.. We'll what to expect? I was hurt and I hurt him too. Life must go on to both of us with our own families. Just sharin' here! :-) It's a great song! Thanks Jesse! :-)
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