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Jeru The Damaja – Blak Luv lyrics



*Down the world is...*

{Jeru The Damaja

This is to my brothers and sisters in the ghetto

Avoid jail legend, fingerprints on full metal

Jackets like design, so that you can't hack it
But you musn't get caught up in these devilish tactics

Never let the man pull ya string like Geppetto

The game's the same, boricua or moreno

Don't watch ya step and you be like, mi amigo

Forenzics made the maps, so now he's on death row
Yo what's the steelo, real brothers do it on the d-low

Knowing's have the battle, so now you know

To be on point, 'cause anybody can be a casualty
Some brothers lost there life, fuckin with O. P. P.

Um robbery and P. C. P.

From the cradle to the state penitentary

He'll be in the middle of next century

Ask me, is it crying sakne
You got to watch how you flow and you will grow

If not you get tripped up in the ghetto

Chorus 2X

This is for the youth blak love

This is for the ghetto, blak love, blak love

{Jeru The Damaja
This is to my brothers and sisters in the ghetto
Sellin yae yo, playin c-lo, duckin po-po

Some brothers got murdered over a kilo
5-0 ask questions, but nobody know

What's the M. O., another brother trying to get dough

Be careful how you live, 'cause that's how you go

Wild like Rambo, get shot down by the Commando

Call your co-defendent sing like D'Angelo
No problemo, but upstate you sing soprano

Police sadimize, a man at the 7-0
Be careful where you go yo, and just in case you ain't know

I flow, to liberate the ghetto

Chorus 4X

{Jeru The Damaja

This is to my brothers and sisters in the ghetto

Trying to be like Pablo, Deniro, Al Pacino

You be all right until you run up on Columbo

Get caught red handed, so you got to go
You lose the crib, the car, the women and the dough

This can't be happenin so you like "Oh No"

So avoid this fate, and absorb the conscious flow

This is not a demo, strictly for the ghetto

Not the limo, work for the pimp, hustler and the ho

And I'm gonna let you know

Whether you as black as jack or brown as nino

From the ghetto
Blak love, is what we need to flow

Chorus 4X





Ugh! Ugh!


Ugh! Ugh!


Ugh! Ugh!


Ugh! Ugh!




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