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Jeremy Jordan – Lovin' On Hold lyrics

Why you got my lovin' on hold baby.. ooh.. "come on baby, why you wanna do me wrong"(2x)

I can't believe it the day you were with man in your arms and no place to let him go.. he was a friend, loctonic you said, but I found he was your man and I was on the side...

You finally admitted to me, you said that thing weren't going so well, you wanted to be with me, but you need a little time to let him down easy...

Chorus: you said that you'd tell him, I can't wait forever (if I'm) why you got my lovin' on hold (why you got my lovin' on hold) you told him that you told me, if it's really over (of this real
Er) why you got my lovin' on hold.. (why you got my lovin on hold)

Why you got my lovin (2x) on hold, baby (baby)

Sometimes we'd go out but only at night, now I know the reason why, to keep me out of sight.. the thing in your closet I saw new vest, I just knew it wasn't for me, never saw that vest agan..

*how could you look right into my eyes, and tell me that you really tried yeah yeah... you wish to play a game of to see, I won't let you jeremy down (you keep jeremy down) what goes around come

Repeat chorus

Rap: j to the e-r-e-m-y, I'm not daddy and you know I'm not from the west coast, east cost, literally, afraid of the shut town than west town, step of you to claim which probably mad.. so you bl
Ach other that je-jeremy jo -jor, so you know that you can't deny the irresistible feeling and with respect..

Repeat *

I'm not gonna wait forever...

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