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Jennifer Chung – How Do I Tell You? lyrics

I see it in her eyes
The watery glows from the tears she's cried
Yet I know she's strong because she tries to hide them

I tell her that everything will be okay
'Cause I've been praying everyday
All you gotta do is have some faith

Mama, don't you see
It's not as bad as it may seem?
Mama, it's all right
Everyday proves
Yesterday was worth the fight
We had to go through the dark to see the light

She sacrificed for family
Mama, Joe, and me; us three
Her health, well-being was all put on the line
Others judged, they did not know
What all went on within our home
They'd rather go by rumors and closed eyes

Mama, don't you see
It's not as bad as it may seem?
Mama, it's gon' be just fine
It's easier to live as one who's happily blind
But you and I know what lies down deep inside

How do I tell you?
How do I express
That all we had to go through is so much more than memory's mess?

How do I tell you
How much I adore you?
What hasn't killed us yet built up shields to make us this strong

How do I tell you
How you've done right this long?
There's no need to be sorry
There is nothing you've done wrong

Your love is evident through scars, through tears, and now this song

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