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Jeff Bates – The Moment lyrics

Lying in the warmth of our loving,
Reeling from your intoxicating kisses,
Your scent lingering on my pillow,
I loose myslef in the sensuality of your essence.

As the raindrops splatter hard on the roof
And keep in rhythm with the beat of our hearts,
So does our hearts, keep in sync
With the rhythm of our lovin.

Breathlesly, naked in the cozy gentleness
Of the cool, grey dawn,
I feel so secure, as if there's,
No world outside of our own.

Curshing your tiny self in my gentle storng arms,
You drve my body over the edge,
With the heat of the moment
That passes between us.

Now the rain just pitter-patters,
As we lay snuggling, our body's entwined,
Cuddled up close in another dimension

Like the irradescent raindrops,
Descending in rhymatical order
One by one, momements like these,
Fall and fill the volcanoe of our love,
Then gloriously spash
Ito a mesmerized pool of crystal memories.

Eash droplet more precious than the last,
Is pesonal, and cherished,
And is illluminated
By the power of our love.

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