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Jedi Mind Tricks – Chinese Water Torture Feat. Breath Of... lyrics

[Breath of Judah]
I'm on a killing spree
The Cantonese, torturing
Painting a picture, with a paintbrush
In water color of genies
Holding the key, vitality
It's all you need, if your a different being
It will be a different color, when you bleed
Accurately punctured from needles in you nervous system
Are like the seaman, not water soluble, because of the attributes of yin yang and do
When I cut you simultaneously, like *whang* killing you too quickly
If I were to bang, witness thee, I hang you in aqua
Sending electric shocks to open up all your chakkras
And when I do, all set plants will biochemically plant water beads on your brain
While putting salt water on open wounds to have you in pain
*suf-suf-suffer chinese water torture, my word is water*

[Ikon the Verbal Hologram]
Four score, the verbal hologram is verbal war
Chinese water torture into your molecular structure
Ancient scholars wondering where they've seen us
Babylon's hanging gardens and the temple of Artemis
The Hologram, crushing you to grains of sand
Lawnmower man, computer generated battles of the unseen hand
Internal bleeding, I bed my seeding with deadly arrows
Fly like sparrows, and get destroyed by the army of the pharaohs
Cyborg, divine borg to the womb
Alive you will see traveling loons from ???
The ancient palace, the ancient chalice
Mystical like Aurora Borealis
The palace of pain, y'all want get kicked up in flame
Half Abel, half Caine, get slain by the verbal flame
Bring forth the sights of Annunaki Elohim
Images of the 24 supreme
Ripping out your spleen
Distributing gang green through out your team
Lord of the rings brings deadly hologramic dreams

[Hook- Samples]
And my basement's an arrangement of different torture devices
Suf-suf-suffer chines water torture, my word is water
And my basement's an arrangement of different torture devices
Suf-suf-suffer chines water torture, my word is water

[Breath of Judah]
You hear the pounding in your head
When I hit the disc gong, the vibrations will start circulation
Of gongs, the body's meridians and everything
That has pores, even obsidians
With the creek moisture, in this part of the torture
I'll anoint ya
With ??? pouring liquids and cleanse
And you'll feel as if you were diving in the oceans
And guard the bends
The elements of the seeds
To cure all disease
Now tell me if you're unpleased
I'll treat you like a dog and never wash off your fleas
Have you waiting till I fill your bowels
With a fish bowl full of frenzying and hungry sea monkeys
Suffering have internal mange
You'll have to consort to the king for change

[Ikon the Verbal Hologram]
Look in the mirror of souls, see exactly where your flaws be
Leaving your squad dead on the side of the road like Ennis Cosby
The Hologram, eliminating the Earth's population
Matrix field basics of organic manipulation
Ikon, dwell in the forest like the Ewoks
We rot, for following the prophetic books of Ennox
In the treetops, hang over your cipher like a ninja
Within the perimeters of the disagreeable sinner

[Hook- Samples]
And my basements an arrangement of different torture devices
Suffer chines water torture, my word is water
And my basements an arrangement of different torture devices
Suf-suf-fer chines water torture, my word is water

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