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Jed Madela – Love Always Finds A Way lyrics

We've said it all
A thousand times before
Been to the wall
And always found somewhere to turn
There was always room to learn

We've reached the end
And almost closed the door
And someone went in
I never can remember who
All I know is that
We found the strength to make it through

Love always finds a way
When the clouds have no silver lining
He comes through shining
Love always sees the light
Through the darkest night
In a small way
Love always finds a way

Holding you near
After the storm has passed
It becomes clear
When all our tears have finally dried
That no matter how
We fools may try to turn the tide

Repeat chorus

And when those moments
When the magic seems to fade
We must remember then
That's the time to keep on believing
And not be afraid

If we both trust
In what we really feel
The two of us
Can hold tomorrow in our hands
All it takes is just
The faith to truly understand

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Submitted bymorningeve2k7


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    When we love every moment is magical there are always a sweet song playing. But there are times we need to let go the feeling that feelings because that is for the good of all, there are also times that in the midst of the relationship we will meet someone that we could almost forget the person we love. But since fate is always there love will find its way to comes back where it should belong, the only thing that we have to do is keep of faith that in the midst of the darkest hour we should not be afraid because after the storm the person you love is just always there loving your deeper than before.
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    I believe when the author says that love always finds a way he if referring here refers to the love of god, when we can't make it through our storms or our trials on our own god always finds a way and it is up to us to keep the faith in him and keep on believing and trusting that god will always find a way in our darkest nights and when there seems to be no silver linings.
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    Love has many meaning hard to explain better to feel but when you find it you do what ever it takes but if its lost you feel verry painful. To bernie I love you know it your my life my all, it hurts me more than you feel right now. I love you until the last breath of my life alhough were so much far from each other your always ramains here in my heart.
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