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JB And Moonshine Band – Ain't Goin Back To Jail lyrics

I ain't goin back to jail again
There ain't no way in hell
I ain't sittin in no cell again
I ain't waitin on no bail

Cause you ain't drunk no more, you're just cold and sad
The pepper spray, still hurts real bad
Two criminals are playin cards
Can't sleep a wink, cuz the floor's too hard
No there ain't no way in hell
I'm goin back to jail

You won't find me in no police car
Hemmed up in the back seat
I won't see another row of bars
I done bought a handcuff key

Well the guards won't let you smoke at all
You reach voicemail, for your one phone call
There's a smell of sweat that you can't ignore
And some crackheads' peein on the floor
No there ain't no way in hell
I'm goin back to jail

I admit that I was drunk
Yea I admit that I was real messed up
I admit that I have sinned
But there ain't no way I'm goin back again

Cause the food is harmful to your health
And that billy club, left a great big welt
Now you know what jail time really is
When you're all laid up in crackhead piss

There ain't no way in hell, I'm goin back to jail

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