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Jasper Sawyer – Cinderella lyrics

Verse 1:
Girl something is bothering you
Still you look beautiful tonight, tonight ooh
Girl your sisters are jealous of you
Cause you’re so wonderful inside, that’s right ooh

Let me take you to my condo
I've got two on the east side

No I’m not a Prince but baby
I keep a couple stacks and I’m making cash daily
I can tell you need saving
Be my Ella Ella Ella Ella, my Cinderella

I don’t have a kingdom
Just a couple bad condos you should come see them
Girl, make your sisters jealous
Be my Ella Ella Ella Ella, my Cinderella

Verse 2:
Girl I’ve waited long for you
So be my princess for life, that’s right ooh
Girl your sisters do wrong to you
Come be a part of my life, that’s right ooh

Let me take you to my condo
I've got two on the east side

Pulling up in my Cadillac,
Cinderella baby what about what about that
We’ll be bumping to that new, new
Song I released and it’s all about you
And it’s not about the money, but it helps when you got it
And it’s not about the bling, but still we rocking it
My chain’s around your neck
So here you drive, where to next?

B Chorus:
Cinderella come drive my cadillac
We can hit the club about one, if you’re feeling that
Girl, when it’s over it’s over, you can stay with me
We can hit my condo in Miami, Miami

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