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Jasmine Trias – Dj Don't Quit lyrics

Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Rollin' up head on bob
Just hit the parking lot
Can't wait to hit the spot
Music is blazin' hot
Late but we're wide awake
Feelin' that 808
Like how them speakers shake
Just like an earthquake

[Refrain 1:]
We just came to party
We really don't
Wanna hurt nobody
Just come on, come on
Just come on, come on and
Go go get it get it dj hit it
Keep it spinnin'

Dj don't quit pumpin' this... (uh oh uh oh)
Ladies (yeah), fellas (come on, come on)
We're gonna rock it and pop it and drop it
As long as the dj don't stop it

[Refrain 2:]
Dj don't quit
Pump in, this this
(Oh oh oh oh oh oh)
Ladies fellas
We gonna rock it & pop it
And drop it
Long as the dj don't sto it

Soon as we hit the door
Evryone on the floor
Move til you can't no more
Girlies let's take it low

Dj pump up this jam
People put up them hands
Get all up on your man
And do your favorite dance

[Repeat Refrain 1 & 2]


Uh. Yea. Uh. Hott [x3]

Dj, dj, Dj, dj
Dj don't quit oh oh oh oh
Pumpin' this (pumpin' pumpin')
(Oh oh oh oh oh)
Ladies fellas
We gonna rock it (rock it), and pop it (pop it)
And drop it
Long as the dj don't stop it

[Repeat Refrain 2 - 2x]

Uh oh uh, uh, hot, uh, yeah, uh, hot,
Uh, yeah, uh, hot

Rockin' & pumpin' & droppin' 'long Mr. Dj

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