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Jandek – You Took Me For A Ride lyrics

You were fast
To latch
Onto me
You made it known
All you did was ask me,
Was it okay
And you took me for a ride
And I have not returned to anyplace
I can put my feet on the ground and say
I'm here
Because I'm not here
I'm there
Where you are
Where else would I rather be
There is nowhere else I'd rather be
I'm gettin' back there as soon as I can
Oh... Oh, honey
Oh... Ungh... Oh
I know you're...
Want to see me too
I detected that when I talked to you today
And, yeah, I'm gonna be there
And guess what, I got all you want
Matter of fact, I got more, and
That's why you like me
I got so many things
They just don't have an end
They keep going
Forever and ever, and
I appreciate you got a mind
That understands
It keeps going in a spiral, and
You wanna be on that path, and
I got the directions on how to get there
We will go
Just stay with me, because
It's not just that place we're going
It's that I really like you too
I like you too
I really do like you
I just really like you
I... Oh... Oh...
I really like you
When I tell you
I hope you shake inside
That's a good sign, honey-darlin'
Because if you got the same thing from me
I got for you, then
We gone a long way together, and
It ain't got an end
I'm looking for something that doesn't end
I think you are too
Be careful
I may bring you there, and
There's no escape, but
Who wants to escape
Not me

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