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James Gang – Collage lyrics

Blue for the blue I feel when I'm feeling down on the ground
Feeling down, that could be most any day
Green for the eyes, Take a look around when the sun goes down
And the sun goes down in the strangest way
Red for the light, Got to stop this thing
Find a song to sing that is everything that I meant to say
Meant to say

Three for the mice that are blind like the world
Never see the good that is done, Just the bad it's too late to see
Two of us make it easier to read the signs
Memorize the lines, Will you play with me
One for the road, I'll be on my way
Come another day when the things we say find a way to be
Way to be

Autumn calls for a change of year, Bringing winter near
Our greens turn brown and the sky is a sign
Winter time is a razor blade that the devil made
It's the price we pay for the summer time
Spring days come, It's hard to know where the rain comes from
Where the children go, it's a nursery rhyme
Nursery rhyme

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    Sad for the sad when I am down to earth in my body, green envy for the sun being able to escape/die, yet live/return, red is humor in that he was probably watching the sun go down, watching the colors, maybe in autumn or creative license, playing on the theme of colors. What we mean to say never comes because to explain right brain visual via left brain words. Doesn't really translate and using the words changes the original meaning/vision we had. People are blind fools and love/relationship helps us to see for awhile. But what he meant to say still needs to be expressed so he must seek a new mate to mirror or help him find/know that, say it. And the seasons come and age abounds as the world turns around, not the sun he watched go down in the strange way--because it did not. The sun like the soul never dies; the sun is the creator of souls. And we live in a riddle, a rhyme, blind, ignorant children, so it is a collage of life.
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