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Ja Rule – I'll F*** U Girl lyrics

Tell 'em
Reemo..... Distribution
Well, you know what we'll do.... Tell 'em (baby)
You know i.......(whachya gonna do now?)

Fuck ya girl!

Face down ass up
You know we like to
Fuck ya girl!

In the middle of the night
Put it in your butt
You know what's up i'll
Fuck ya girl!

If the puss gets dry
And the bitch gotta curl
Rub it in ya hair
I wanna
Fuck ya girl!

With my dick in her mouth
Chokin' her out (err)
Still gonna
Fuck ya girl!

(this mother fucker's straight)

That's right, come on now!
All you bitches
Ain't give me no pussy before in here
Ya know what I'd say?
Oh, I ain't mad at you (that shit's gonna cost you)

Tina? You know what I'd do?
I'm gonna fuck you girl! (a thousand dollars)
Sherry? I'm gonna fuck you girl! (a thousand dollars)
Maria? I'm gonna fuck you girl!(a thousand dollars)
Lisa? I'm gonna fuck you girl! (a thousand dollars)

Those bitches across the world
I'm gonna fuck you girl!
(wait a minute! You mother fucking talkin' all that shit
That shit's comin' out your budget
Them hoes cost a thousand dollars a piece

Young ass nigger
But ya still my artist, baby king!
Ladies and gentlemen, baby king!
Ladies and gentlemen, god bless and good night.
I wanna goddamn thank all the mother fuckers
Who put this together, my mother fucking self.
Anybody who question me... Hmm, hold on
Where's my mother fucking bouncers?)

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