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J. Cole – Lost Ones lyrics

[Verse 1 - J Cole]
Baby girl, I can't imagine what it's like for you
I got you pregnant, now inside there is a life in you
I know you wonder if this is gon' make me think
About wifing you...
Like if you have my first child, would I
Spend my whole life with you?
Now I ain't trying to pick a fight with you
I'm trying to talk. Now I ain't trying to spend the night
With you, I'm kinda lost, see
I've been giving it some thought lately, and
Frankly I feel like we ain't ready and this...
Hold up now, let me finish!
Think about it baby, me and you still kids ourselves
How we gonna raise a kid by outself, handle biz by ourself?
A nigga barely over 20, where the hell we gonna live?
Where am I gonna get that money?
I refuse to bring my boy and my girl in this world
When I ain't got shit to give em
And I'm not with them niggas who be knocking girls up
And skate out, so girl you gotta think about your options
Weigh it out, what's the weigh-out?

[Hook - J Cole]
And I ain't too proud to say that I cried sometimes
Cried sometimes, about it
And girl I know it hurts, but
If this world was perfect, we can make it work

[Verse 2 - J Cole]
She say "you got some nerve
To come up to me talking about abortion
This my body nigga, so don't think you finna
Force shit! See I knew that this is how you act
So typical, said you love me but now
You flipping like reciprocals, figures though
Should've known that you was just another nigga
No different from them other niggas who be
Claiming that they love you just to get up in
Them drawers. Knowing all the right things to say
I let you hit it raw, muthafucka!
Now I'm pregnant, you don't wanna get involved muthafucka?
Trying to take away a life, is you God muthafucka?
I don't think so, this a new life up in my stomach
Regardless if I'm your wife, this new life here
I'mma love it, I ain't budging
I just do this by my muthafucking self
See, my mama raised me with no muthafucking help
From a man, but I still don't understand how you
Could say that; did you forget all those conversations
That we had way back about your father? And you told me
That you hate that nigga, talking about he a coward
And you so happy that you ain't that nigga, cause he
Left your mama when she had you and he ain't shit
Now here you go doing the same shit...
You ain't shit nigga! "

[Hook - J Cole]
And I ain't too proud to say that I cried sometimes
Cried sometimes, about it
And girl I know it hurts, but
If this world was perfect, we can make it work

[Verse 3 - J Cole]
They say everything happens for a reason
And people change like the seasons, they grow
Apart, she wanted him to show his
Heart and say he loved her, he spoke them
Magic words and on the same day he fucked her
Now she wide open, she put a ring up on his finger
If she could, but he loved her cause the pussy good
But she ain't no wife though, uh oh!
She telling him she missed her period like typos
He panicking, froze up like a mannequin
A life grows inside, now he asking "is it even mine?"
What if this bitch ain't even pregnant dog
Could she be lying? And she be crying cause he acting
Distant, like "ever since I told you this, nigga
You acting different". And all his niggas saying
These hoes be trapping niggas. Playing with niggas'
Emotions like they some action figures
Where they get pregnant for collateral
It's like extortion, man
If that bitch really pregnant tell her to get
An abortion... But what about your seed nigga?

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  • u
    My gf and I went through this exact situation earlier this year. I knew how much work a child brings and didn't want kids because of it. (I'm the oldest of my 4 siblings by 7 years, so I've witnessed and lived it already. She was the youngest of 2 and life was a breeze for her growing up) And I swear I listened to this song 100 times because it grabbed every emotion and conversation we were having. In the end, we kept the baby, and now have the most adorable, friendly, and chubby 8 month old in the world.
    But it's still all just as difficult as I predicted, and the mother has broken down numerous times unable to handle the stress and responsibity. We have managed, thanks to some help from my child's grandmother, but it has not been easy by any means.
    In conclusion; I love this child (Claire) with all my heart, and have been there since the delivery, but I still stand by the fact that this was a bad idea. We're in our early-mid 20s (her 2 years my younger) and the way it has impacted our lives and our future has been dramatic. Her mother is still coping with this, but I've already moved passed and will continue to give our child everything she needs. Would I go back in time and change things? No. I love my daughter and will never be the same since she has come into my life. But, we're we ready and did we make a good choice keeping the baby from a logical stand point? No!
    Cole is amazing, not just for this song, but for sooooo many real life, down to earth tracks he has made. Puts the thoughts from my head straight onto the tracks I bump. Keep doin you Cole!
    (And on a side note, there are about 8-9 errors with the lyrics here. Won't list them, but good job besides that.
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  • u
    He is letting his gf knows he loves her, by showing his vulnerability (him letting her know he is sensitive and "crys sometimes" about the situation. He is saying that he is not ready to bring a child into the world because it won't be fair to bring up a child when he has nothing to offer them (no financial and moral support as they are both still "kids"). However, his gf doesn't understand his reasoning, she feels used like he just wanted to have s** with her and won't support her if she does decide to keep it.
    That's just my interpretation, I love this song and J. Cole his lyrics are like poetry.
    - e
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