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Ivoryline – We Both Know lyrics

We both know you can't plan
Something as real as this
It takes more than plans to feel like this
If only we could know what we were getting into
And just what we would both mean to the other
I don't think I'll get much sleep tonight

I am everything you're not
And it's exactly what you wanted

We both know you can't plan
Something as real as this
It takes more than plans to feel like this
It takes us
And I hope that you find everything
You thought you would
Everything you thought you would tonight
So I can get some sleep tonight

Just go with your gut for one more night

We both know, you can't plan
Something as real as this

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  • Faith111
    Boy and girl meet and on the surface they have nothing in common. Looking back they realize that if they had known what they were getting into, how much the other would mean to them and how much it would tear them apart- they would have planned something different. But that's not how it goes. You don't plan love. It just is. Real love just is. And even though they are different (I am everything you're not) it works. Because he is strong where she is weak and he is weak where she is strong. They complete each other. Together they are whole. But they doubt their feelings because they can't see how it could ever work. (You can't plan something as real as this). He's asking her to go with her gut and stop trying to plan their relationship and she will find everything she thought she'd find. Because you can't plan something so real. You can't explain it either.
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