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Iron Savior – H.M. Powered Man lyrics

[Music and Lyrics by Sielck]

Can you feel the power
Do you feel the force
Do you feel the energy
From a truly unique source
You don't need no leather
No spikes or jingling chains
All you need is the energy
And the fire in your veins
Walls of sound
Are shaking the ground
As thunder is roaring in the sky

I'm in a Heavy Metal powered world
That's my way to be
I got a Heavy Metal powered mind
I don't need conformity
No one tells me what to do
What to think or be
I'm a Heavy Metal powered man
Right - that's what I am

Right from the beginning
I knew which way to go
Six strings in my hand
Turned out to be
My destiny
Driven by the beat
The power and the heat
I wanted to explode
Just to reload

Walls of sound
Where shaking the ground
As thunder was roaring in the sky

Heavy Metal powered world

[solo Piesel - Piet]

Creepers - liars
Self proclaimed, faked messiahs
Power seeking maniacs

Hiding shadows in the black
Have gone another way
Leading them so far away
Far away from all
What Metal is standing for

We're in a Heavy Metal powered world
That's our way to be
We've got a Heavy Metal powered mind
To hell with all conformity
No one tells us what to do
What to think or be
We're Heavy Metal powered men

We're Metal powered

That's our way
This is our chosen way to be

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