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Insomnium – Weather The Storm lyrics

Cast down into the darkness
To stumble towards unknown
Only emptiness to hold on to
Only shadows to seek support from

So arm your heart with self-worth
Yet prepare for sorrow and pain
Don't let the fear eat you from inside
Wear your weaknesses with pride

And even if you crush my body
And drain it 'til the last drop
You can never touch my spirit
You can never touch my soul

No matter how bleak or how hopeless
No matter how hard or how far
You can never break my conation
Tear the will apart from desire

Thrown down into the flames
Enfolded by ash and ember
Quenched in scorching fire
Hardened in undying flare

Through demise and disaster
Past the flames of the end
Rise above ever stronger
Disown the past for the present

Don't be guided by fear or failure
It's now or never
Just give it all in

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  • j
    Julia Kielczewski
    I first heard 'Weather the Storm' (Insomnium) when watching a cool film clip on YouTube relating to the 'Polish Winged Hussars' and 'Rzeczpospolita'. It made me proud of my Polish heritage.

    From my understanding, I believe, 'Rzeczpospolita' commonly refers to the autocracy of Poland as a Republic, which the Polish people support, celebrate, and have painstakingly strived to protect over many years. As Poland is surrounded by other European nations, it has naturally always remained a vulnerable target for occupation, infiltration, fertile land and possessions.

    I think, 'Weather the Storm' is about hardships, strength, resilience, re-building and regaining dignity, which we can all relate to in life. Awesome, ha?

    Cheers Cherubs,
    Julia Kielczewski (the Aussie from Down Under)
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