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Inside Out – Inside lyrics

I want you to stay with me.
To spend every day with me.
I want you to be more than just a friend.
I want you to let me in.
Although you're above me.
I want you to love me.
I want you to need me.
Take my hand and lead me to you.
Inside your heart,
Inside your soul,
'Cause inside my mind,
You're all I find.
My every thought,
My every heartbeat is beating for you.
I pay my devotion.
To the one who controls my emotions.
You are my divine religion.
I offer complete devotion to you.
So will you accept me?
And let happen what could be.
Just put some faith in destiny.
And take a chance on me.
Inside my heart,
Inside my soul,
'Cause inside your mind,
I want you to find.
Your every thought,
Your every heartbeat is beating for me.
Inside your(my) heart,
Inside your(my) soul,
'Cause inside my(your) mind,
You're all I find(I want you to find),
My(Your) every thought,
My(Your) every heartbeat is beating for you(me).
Inside my(your) heart,
Inside my(your) soul,
'Cause inside your(my) mind,
I want you to find(You're all I find),
Your(My) every thought,
Your(My) every heartbeat is beating for me(you).
You're All I Find. You're All I Find.

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