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Insane Clown Posse – When Vampiro Gets High lyrics

(ready... Just remember its school you gotta be faster though, we gotta go
Through it faster.) why? (because we don't have that much space) I'm feelin' it
Man, theyre gonna break it up. (the name is vampirogo)The anme is vampirogo...
Vampiro, child of the rancid, retched darkness, vampiro, I am trually am a
Juggaloust, maniack iller, super unknown hero. (vampiro) yeah a true hatred
Writer, long reign the lotus killers. Then again it is my privalege to power
Bomb your fuckin ass on bed of butcher knives mother fucker.(mother
Facker)open up the pandoras box bitch boy and I am one of six killers jimmy
Manoxide (jimmy madrox) oh fuck ok that's that dude from twiztid. Shaggy
(manoxide) blaze what the fuck? Yeah manoxide, blaze (blaze) and of course
Violent J. (wet blood trails drain through the streets of detriot) like fago
Off a juggalos dick mother fucker (a juggalos body) oh... The result of six,
Serial murdering maniac killers, killing, murdering, stabbing (chopping,
Packing, cutting, shooting) and maybe lighting your dick on fire bitch. (woo!)
All hail the lotus pod from hence we came and when our job is complete we will
Return to (in your wrists, in your wrists) in my nuts (no, in your wrists)
Alright... (the lotus pod) the lotus pod (the lotus pod) the lotus pod fucka!
The next level, six maniac killa's. The lotus pod! (the lotus pod) the lotus
Pod (look at me not mi... I mean look at the microphone not me. Don't look me
Look at the microphone) I'm looking at the microphone man...(the lotus pod) the
Lotus pod (the lotus pod) my big dick (your big dick) my big.. Dick! (alright
That's a rap)

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