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Inoj – Movin' On lyrics

You really hurt me
I spend all my days and nights
Trying to be a good friend to you
But you really hurt me
And this time I'm movin' on
So long baby, we're through

So I'll be movin' on
In time you look I will be gone
'Cause when I needed you
You were never there for me
So I'll be floating in the breeze
Like a falling leaves
Don't look for me 'cause I'll be moving on

You say you love me
But the only time I know
Is when I beg and plead
Oh, you still say you love me
But the only time I hear is
When I say I'm leaving
So I


All those times I tried
And all those nights I cried
Did you ever come to me
And try to dry my eyes
All those times you strayed
When you said you'd stay
Those times are gone 'cause now I'm moving on


Long gone
Don't look for me 'cause I'll be moving on
I be moving on, I be moving on, be moving on
We be moving on, we be moving on
I'll be moving on, I be gone, I be moving you along
She be moving on, she be moving on
I be moving alone....

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