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Impending Doom – Silence The Oppressors lyrics

To the following Christians listen closely.
We bring our light to a new realm, a realm you dare not enter,
Passing judgment behind stone walls, behind your absence of understanding.
We will crush your walls that dictate where our ministry goes,
Don't you ever tell me I'm using God as a gimmick.
I'm not a heretic, I'm not a hypocrite;
Those insults make me sick from the ones I have fellowship with.
We aren't doing this for our own, but for one name holy and alone.
These venues are our church,
We are the gospel in the darkness, and this is our exaltation.
We are the gospel in the darkness; we bring our light to a new realm,
A realm you dare not enter, passing judgment behind stone walls,
Behind your absence of understanding.
Are you listening!!!
We'll crush the walls that dictate where our ministry goes,
This is our church, this is our worship, gorship!

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Silence The Oppressors meanings

  • g
    Sigh, you are completely missing the point. They're talking about how their ministry, church, whatever you call it is something different than anything you know or have ever seen before. You're saying that's impossible. Why? Because you think it is? Also, how can you say this is a different God? God accepts you if you believe in him, right? Not whether you listen to a certain music or anything else of the sort. I know I'm not gonna change anyones mind, that's ok. Ps- If you're gonna just say the musics bad, just don't listen to it.
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  • v
    Obviously you are the one who is decieved and worshiping a different God than us. God does not care what a person looks like or what type of music they liosten as long as it glorifies Him. I'd like to see you try and reach the types of people that these do reach and minister to. You wouldn't stand a chance, they would laugh you into the next city and beyond. Do not judge unless you want to be judged yourself.
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  • f
    I would like to hear that someone was drawn to God or into a closer fellowship with Him by this song (eg encouraged to go to where others fear to tread) - many are afraid to go where others can, and others are not allowed in our/their lack of faith to go there - I'm sorry that judgement is passed onto those of us that have a lack of understanding and that the walls (of protection) that are put up are seen (and sometimes meant) as walls on all Christians and are desired to be crushed according to the lyrics. Zachtheawsome was right - we must be born again. Please - weak Christians don't need stumbling blocks, and strong Christians need to be accepted. Ps - I needed written lyrics to understand.
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