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Illdisposed – Beating Around The Bush (Cover By AC/DC) lyrics

Smiling face and laughing eyes
But you can't keep on telling me all those lies
How'd you expect me to believe?
Honey I ain't that naive
Baby I got my eye on you
'Cause you do all the things I want you to
Stop your crying and dry your tears
I ain't that wet behind the ears

You can throw me lefts, you can throw me rights
But where was you last night
Beating around the bush

Wish I knew what was on your mind
Why you being so unkind?
Remember those nights we spent alone
Talking on the telephone
Thoughts of you going through my brain
You told me that you felt the same
You said that you loved me too
But tell me who was there with you

I was talking birds, and you was talking bees
And was he down on his knees
Beating around the bush

You're the meanest woman I've ever known
Sticks and stones won't break my bones
I know what you're looking for
You've eaten your cake you want some more
I'm gonna give you just a one more chance
Try to save our romance
I've done everything I'm gonna do
The rest is up to you

And you can chew it up, you can spit it out
You can let it all hang out
Beating around the bush

And you can chew it up, you can spit it out
You can let it all hang out
Beating around the bush

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