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Ice Cube – Life in California lyrics

just another day Ak
gun play La
to the bay Livin
life in California Yoooooooo

we get that doughhh Oooooo
we gotta get more (Ice

Cube) If
Jay-Z can rap about the nyc why can't I talk about the s titI see Without
Alicia keys with out going R&B this anit moe town this is Are
A. P. (Jayo).
a beautiful thing in the neighbor hood N
s****can't stay if it's name anit good All
the way from the bay to la Inglewood, This
is how it is when you livin in California (Ice

Cube) California
swagger f, k**record sales industry outlaw Like
george d'wells California off the corner I am a warn ya I'm
the only west coast king ya ll know what I mean B
h***you in the ring I am shitty as don king I
am Taking all the Money before the Bell Ring before I
Grab the Mic the Fat b h***sing it's, already over Supa
Nova I'm, Kobe you the n anusI'm Hoopin over Know
me big homie the one and only Ice, cube Don't
get air play cause I am from la and Rep
where I stay (Jayo)

a beautiful thing in the neighbor hood N
s****get sprayed ak-ed in this hood B
s*****don't play s titn s****no good It's
real in the field when you f gay***with California Yaaa

see it's just another day in my neighbor hood First
thing off in the morning and I am looking for That
good stick it to my finger tips sit on a hill And
I am over lookin the city and this s titis for real When
he yak It?
would be a long night that why we got these b s*****Drunk
bounce, like it's a earth quake t shake*** Lets
see how much noise we make this city make See
it's just another day in my neighbor hood And
the police anit fuckin with me Knock
on wood put my shoes Cause?
he just put my socks so good Dope
shot never knew I shot my glocks so good I
rock like coke it's all they want to hear And
they just can't do it but they all want to spit Put
my padres head on well see I tried to warn them F
k**around you know it goes down in California (Chores)

brrap leave and I am swung hitty come come With
the new chucks on click click braap braap braap brap Green
in my lungs straight from killa cali got the 1 1 1 With
a tall stack and all black with that louie trimmin on a golf Hat
gonna make them all fall back it's that mr f k**everbody I can't stand em Bust
random c walking to another anthem trying to teach these new rappers Some
manners chasing n s****out of the mic booth with a camera Bandanna
low kiss the lynch mob Bust?
a can open like a cantaloupe You
n s****is p y***pretend to be we run the vicinity Walk
in to something and lose your virginity Put
these khackies on Speedos? And
bow down cause with us there would be no California

we get that doughhh Oooooo
we gotta get more Livin

just another day Ak
gun play La
to the bay Livin
life in California

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