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Ian Dury & The Blockheads – Mischief lyrics

Robbed R. Pearson's paper, Lauren spent his half
Ricky loves a kicking and he wants to join the guards
Barry breaks the windows of his broken home
Have a guess. His tiny mind's been stonned

Lionel touches women when they're walking through the park
He goes through people's gardens nicking laundry in the dark
Roger left a sleeper across the District Line
Yeah, his dad's a shipping clerk

Boys let's have a laugh
Let's have some mischief
Fill a Durex full of water
Throw it on a bus
Take a pigeon to the pictures
Let's cause a bit of fuss
A bit of mischief
Let's go bloody raving mad
Let's do something really bad
They won't forget the day we've had
Some mischief

Jack and Stan are tossing pals like monkeys in the zoo
When they got caught by Gaumont Gibbs they had to wank him too
Incentive didn't want two of Dave (Get it?)
He failed his inter, failed his interview (Oh yeah?)"

She's got crinkly hair
Underneath her underwear
I know cos I've been there


Don't let's hang about
Let's have some mischief

Let's pour Lockheed fluid on a Bentley, then let down his tyres
Let's go and kill some kiosks, start a few more fires
Could this be mischief?

Let's go completely over the top
Let's do the bop that just won't stop
Let's go and have another drop
Of mischief

I'm sorry I done it
I'm sorry I done it
I'm sorry I done it
I'm sorry I done it
I'm sorry I done it
I'm sorry I done it

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