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I Voted For Kodos – Http://www.Dumped.Com lyrics

I can still remember, the first time I met you,
On that one warm summer's night
In the romance chat room,
When I saw your profile, it was love at first sight
Your first instant message made me nervous,
And giddy, and tingle, and stuff
I had hoped that you'd never,
Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, have to sign off
I can still remember, a few weeks later, when you asked me to come
into that chat room for two
I wasn't sure, I wanted to, take the next step, but then you
Helped me to relax, and more then that, you took my cyber virginity
All night long we made fifty six six kilobytes per second love passionately
But then you didn't LOL anymore
You didn't BRB for more
And every time talked
You always seemed to get, disconnected (yeah right)
I can still remember, when I got your e-mail,
Subject I'm seeing another guy
You said he was six foot two,
Two hundred twenty five pounds, but his profiles probably a lie
All night long I cried and wept, it hurt like a deep cut
I hope he gives you some type of horrible virus you cyber slut
I'm going to fill all of your inboxes with spam
I'm going to disable your norton virus scan
You're going to live to regret this for many years
Because you messed with an engineer

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