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Humble Pie – As Safe As Yesterday lyrics

Can I face tomorrow
With the, with the news you bring me
My soul feels cold like ice
A pinprick makes no pain
Oh, hear me, listen, help me
I felt our thing change
From love to something else
Well, how can it plague my mind
A pinprick makes no pain
Oh, hear me, listen, help me
I shall find myself
But I must have the time
To sow the seeds of something new
Farmer, farmer plough the field
Harvest, harvest all you can
A corn field smells so sweet
A pinprick makes no pain
Hear me, listen, help me
But to follow the weaver of dreams
Behind the sun that knows, it seems that
I'm foresworn--a naked troubadour
I sit at court and I sing
To the Princess of Beauty and Light
She favours me though I'm merely
A minstrel of the night
There on my right
Sits the King with his clowns
He pays to laugh
While his queen lives on downs
And the smile on his brow is the crown
Morning bird sing, fill my ears
With the joy of our sorrow unmasked
Lend me your wings for the sunrays of dawn
Are here to last
I take my leave, as I leave I must take
All I have seen in my dreams--then I wake
And it is as safe as yesterday is

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As Safe As Yesterday meanings

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    Sure. The 'writer' is explaining that he had asked for it (a pinprick. I think, means that his entire way of processing happiness, although, the very 1st sign of rupture. Must be 're-thought). A 'lover' has turned his life to cold ice. Unbearable, the writer knows he needs help. And, 'recaps' the feelings with the beautiful melodic chorus. Now, realizing his allegiance is visible. And without the darkness (?) (frailness, possibly, he shadows with deception) is no lover worthy of her heart. But, will create the final scene as a fantasy midevel type troubador. The princess of beauty and light, had opened her 'court' to him, as if a consolation. Favoring him. And, yet, our writer. Believes he won't survive the menu. Like someones clown. A scene loaded with 'downs' from the power broker. The queen. A parent, or.? Alas, he's finished. He's tipped his 'crowd'. And, now prepares his departure with his 'wings'. His 'morning bird' (an early awareness. The pinprick. Clearly, now, means being without his woman) knows this is heavy. This goes with the other pains that has been 'masked'. He's leaving his heart. And a time. As safe as yesterday, is. And, shoots his [metalic 'winged' luster] on her memory. The beauty must let the one of the night, go. But, the light will become that someone else. (how did I do?)
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      Sure. The 'writer' is explaining that he had asked for it (a pinprick. I think, means that his... Read more →

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