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House Of Heroes – God Save The Foolish Kings lyrics

At the school
'Hind the bleachers
There's gonna be a rumble
The lions and the kings
And my baby, she cries
In her bed and she worries
And my baby, she prays
God save the kings!

Promise me you won't do anything crazy
I promise you I won't do anyting, baby
Promise me
I promise you nothing!

We're outcasts only cuz we choose to dream
We're princes who'd rather dine with thieves
We're honest only cuz the truth, it cannot hide
God save us, the foolish kings

At the school
Behind the bleachers [hey baby, lets go lets go]
There's gonna be a rumble
But the cops won't be notified [whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa]
So the lions bear their arms
But the kings gonna break the hearts of their babies tonight

We're daring only cuz we've none to lose
We're lions missing half our teeth
We're honest only cuz the truth, it cannot hide
God save us, the foolish kings
God save us, the foolish kings

And we fight cuz
We'd rather break our bones
Than brave this loneliness
We draw blood cuz
We're just trying to draw out some significance

But I met God on the street tonight
And he said,
"Choose your battles wisely
Or you'll never find Me"

Promise me you won't do anything crazy
Promise me
I promise you
I promise you one thing!

We're devils try'n to earn our angels wings
We stumble at every turn indeed
We're desperate chasing down the love to just survive
God save us, the foolish kings [promise me you won't do anything crazy]
God save us, the foolish kings [promise me, promise me]
God save us,
God save us, the foolish kings!

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    I get two meanings from this song.
    The first: a literal translation, where the 'king' leads a life that involves rumbling as a normal--though maybe not frequent, thing. His girl tries to talk sense into him but settles for getting him back alive. On his way to the fight, he thinks about why they fight, and discovers it's truly to put some meaning into an empty life and he asks god to help him figure it out; to "save the foolish kings" who think they know what they're doing.
    Now finish your eye rolling and your "i could've told you that"s.
    Second 'translation': there's nothing harder than trying to live life, except for justifying it to those that mean something to you. The 'kings' are us, and out 'baby's are those that we care about and care about us. We go through life fighting battles to prove ourselves while the people who care about us are telling us we don't have to fight so hard, that we're perfect as we are. When he meets god on the street, it's like the moment when we realize that we can't do it on our own, and life is just going to be one battle after another, so we should choose the battles that matter or we'll get lost in them. He ends by fighting with the knowledge that he has something better to fight for and it's not in vain.
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