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Horrible Histories – William Wallace lyrics
I am William Wallace
life was a mystery
Some say born twelve seven two
Some say twelve sixty three

Was dubbed Malcolm of Paisley
Maybe Alan from Aire

Did I have a wife or no?
Do you really care

They say I had a big, red beard
But all you need to know
I was a Scottish rebel
And the English were my foe

William Wllace, Scottish rebel!
This is war I cried!
Many English fought me
And many English died!

I took against the English
Back when I was fairly wee
'Cause an Englishman called Selby
Bullied my whole family
It upset me, so I struck him dead
Well, wouldn't you?
Then an English sheriff came along
Guess what, I killed him too

They say he killed my wife
So he deserved what he got
Then England's King Ed came for me
Ooh, I'm scared! Not!

William Wallace, Scottish rebel!
Possibly six feet seven
But all that really matters is
I sent Englishmen to heaven!

Forty thousand English came
To Stirling Bridge for me
They had to cross a narrow bridge

To get to us, you see
We held them off, pushed them back
It was no contest
Bridge collapsed, hundreds drowned
Of course I killed the rest

I celebrated Stirling Bridge
Another Scottish win
By decorating my sword
With the English general's skin

William Wallace, Scottish rebel!
Scottish legend too
Fought for Scottish freedom
Was a hero through and through

Here's where my rebel story comes unstuck
At Falkirk defeated, I'd run out of luck
Spent seven years playing hide and seek
Captured, sent to London, tried for treason
What a cheek!

King Ed hanged me, then a lovely touch
Pulled my guts out, guess he didn't like me much

William Wallace, Scottish rebel!
In Scotland my heart lived
Though sadly, my head wound up
On a spike on London Bridge

Ooh, that smarts!

Lyrics taken from /lyrics/h/horrible_histories/william_wallace.html

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William Wallace meanings

  • c
    + 1
    This is really good. I have two dogs and when I walk then I always sing that song. My little sister loves it, especially when he says: "Oh, that smarts!" She thinks it's funny. Anyway, I really enjoy this song, and I'm sad that Horrible Histories stopped and season six. I would love just one more season! When I was little, my mom showed me this show. I was like: "This is boring! Can we watch something else?" But after I watched the first episode I couldn't get enough of it. When I was on season three, chilling it out on the couch, my mom was like: "I told you you'd love it!" I definitely should always listen to my mom. In fact, every time I say she's wrong, I end up admitting that she was absolutely right! Listen to your moms, kids!
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    I really liked the song about william wallace. I thought just by reading the lyrics it taught me so many things about him that i never knew. so heres to william hes true blue, he's a rebel through and through, he's a scotsman so they say,he meant to go to heaven but he went the other way he went down down down down down CCCCHHhHhHUUUUUGGGGGG. so yeah willy boy taught us alot and i thinl everyone wo has a brain should follow his teachings. I have been to the ondon bridge and im gald to say his head aint there no more. but i also saw dynamo walking on water and i think that was willys future sekf saying im a rebel and i can do whaever the POOPIe i want so yeah he is an awesome so if yoout like sun hug the spike his head was on or my willy will get you. YEEHAAHAHAH FOLO willllyyy willy rule ewiggle willy off the sike and into a hole in the ground yeeet. (Ie nearly made it to an awesome post now so my good friend willy will send me a sign that willllly still lives the end i think.
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    what a factual song on how his life is changed so much in Hollywood with movie brave hart. the media likes to change that of many thing and his story was certainly one of those that have been changed. my reckoning was to make him see more romantic. it happens all the time. hard to find a movie these or even in the past were the history was not changed to make it seem better in some way
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    This song tells the story of William Wallace it shows how little information Is known about him and how some other information contradicts other information like when he was born and is name. This song shows that all that is known about him is that he was a Scottish rebel against king Edward.
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      This is really good. I have two dogs and when I walk then I always sing that song. My little sister... Read more →

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