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Homeboy Sandman – Crooks In Castles lyrics

Ayo, the child born
By this treasure on the crown worn
Highest level on the styles form
Leave your vowels torn
Consonants, protonouns worn out
I’m sworn in to inform you lukewarm
Pronounced me to perform
Without warning the storm sweat the norm
From out of the school dorms
Adorned like fount on, I’m wideform
You core with corn niggas conformed and got swarmed
Pom a pawn, I’m potentate, adult porn
You working the Clock Orange, you fall
Christian Dior uh, we film you raw watchers
Let’s, doing them shots, and brick
I got the board, got bored and picked the lock
It’s the crooks and castles, the hook shook
The lasso on the asshole’s who fucked you up
But couldn’t pass go
Rookies know the stats so act as if you back Pro
Crack a homerun from the jump, like Bo’ jack

I be that New Testament like the Book of Matthew
Ain't looking at you, I'm looking past you, the crooked statue
I'm throwing the hook to snatch you out of your seat
Bound to defeat you with my multi-syllabic
Sporadic thoughts that I’ll toss like emphatic darts to ya dome
I played the part that I’ve known
Defending it like lieutenants while marching farther from home
Perhaps like General Custer, all the strength that I have mustered
Illustrious goals get flustered, but fuck it, going for gusto
I would pay the price, Lord, kneeling in my psych ward
Never shuck and jiving, you knighting me with the right sword
And matter of fact you can have it back
Young black, male swinging that battle axe
Then piece you through your Cataracts
Trying to restrict me to these habitats
IPod gadgets filled with that ratchet shit
I’m spazzing, boy, imagine that
As far as the flows go I’m spitting like Sam Cooke holding that fo’ fo’
That’s fire from an old soul, crooks and

Castles with the pen, penning in Duke castles
That kid is too nasty, that kid is too natural
Wild cowboy, new lasso
Luring the invaders who debating shackles with the bait and tackle
They handed Eve the heinous apple
I hold the torch like I’m the famous statue
As seen from the Staten Island ferry machine
Towards the sweetness, hysteria, the Maraschino cherry regime
Godlee the movement though the human’ll form
Nothing to prove no more, done proved it before
My family jewels are soft, I’m serving up assortments
Apartments the beds are straw and laying straws
that broke the camel’s back the Camel Black
blew out the Phantom mask with famo on the track
I tap the roadways into shambles, packed with eggs’s, and scramble that
Exchange and dap, boy, thats a, word

I got a buzz, smoke buds and I ain’t finished yet
Usually my shows finish like Virginia Tech
It’s the intellect plus I got some chance to check
I’m on some Popeye, olive skin with the spinach bread
Spark it, just getting high at the apartment
Women love my grin, they say I look like Ricky Martin
Uh, and I live that vida loca
If I’m hungry eat the chocha only if that color mocca
Smoke a, drink a, think a, vulture
This ain’t for the culture, this for crime, I’ll be the culprit
I roll with Bill Nye, Blu and the Sandyman
I’m make an anthem, they repeat it like I’m Candyman
Stretch arms like Bob Vito, c-note
Pour yourself some seltzer, don’t you touch my Pellegrino, dawg

About to storm the castle, savage, yo

Yeah, I stick the mic in your esophagus
Anything you thinking is dope, I am the opposite
Leave a cum stain on your brain, fuck your subconsciousness
Push a broomstick up your ass before you drop your shit
I be the universal mahdi
Number one, gives a fuck about the top three
California raised, puffing on some top tree
You’re like the fucking letter F, you are not G
I gives a fuck about the Freshman list
Probably cause I never ride no Freshman dick
Cut your face out of that magazine and dart that bitch
Use your grill as an ashtray and spark that spliff
Don’t start that shit, your king’s castle but crooks
Poison the church choir then fracture the hook
No hooks needed, kill you online then retweet it
Pull out the microphone and watch the savage make you eat it
Johaz, my G ANTHM, Sandman and Sene
My nigga Nottz get the money, Blu crowned us all king
Johaz, my nigga ANTHM, Sandman and Sene
My nigga Nottz get the money, Blu crowned us all king

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