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Hollywood Undead – The Gangster Song lyrics
Don't playa-hate me
Play-playa hate, uhh, somebody else
Yo, Yo Yo I'm a gangster
Where my dogs at?
Bark with me if you're my dog
Yo, Yo Yo, I'm going
(Naww I don't wanna bark)
I'm going to give a shoutout to all the playa-haters
(We don't like playa-haters)
If you're a playa-hater don't playa-hate on me
I'm a gangster, I'm a straight up
Grr, I'm steaming mad. Grr.

I'm a gangster, I'm a straight up "G"
The gangster life is the life for me
Shooting people by day, selling drugs by night
Being a gangster is Hell-up tight

I walk around town with a stark erection
Then gave your mom a yeast infection
I saw the policeman and I punched him in the eye
"To serve and protect": What a lie

I also don't like white people, you shouldn't too
And don't get me started about the Jews

I'm a gangster
Grr I'm mad
I'm a gangster
My rhymes are bad
I'm a gangster
Iced out like a freezer
I'm a gangster
I don't listen to weezer

I dropped out of school at the age of three (why?)
'Cuz all the teachers tried to playa-hate on me (oh.)
My rhymes are cool, just like doing cocaine
My rhymes are hot, like a Burning Flame

Sisco is my homie he's a gangster too
Me and Sisco are the leaders of the gangster crew
I like to be in jail and he likes to sing and dance
Some say we're the perfect match

[Interrupted by another voice]
Step off, Step back, Step Away!
Step back, Don't step forward step back
Don't step forwards step backwards
Don't step to me, Do not step to me-eee

[First voice raps again]
I'm giving a shout-out to my homies in cell block 8
Being in jail sucks cuz you always have to masterbate
Except when a Jewish person goes to jail all my homies cheer
They will make mince-meat out of his rear

Ben Petty helped me make the gangster beat to this song
I shot him in the face cuz he looked at me wrong

I'm a gangster
I drop bombs like Hiroshima
I'm a gangster
Bitch suck on my weiner
I'm a gangster
I drive a cool car
I'm a gangster
I smoke weed in a cigar

Yo! My gangster flow
Yo! Yo Yo Yo

I'm rolling on dubs iced out like hockey
Got kicked out of Japan for drinking all the sake
Fuck a bitch, gimmie head ho
What's up to my dogs, yo yo yo

They play this song on the radio all day long
So everyone can hear my gangster song
Nobody thought I'd blow up like a Firestone tire...
Oh there's no beat left.

Die. Die you Santa Claus, die.
No, I don't wanna do acappela.

[Second voice again]
I like to slap bitches. I like to slap hoes.
I like to slap snitches. Because that's how it goes.

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Corrected by marc1510

The Gangster Song meanings

  • U
    + 4
    It's really meaningful, cause I too have dealt with most of the situations brought up and it makes me feel less alone. This changed my life. I wish more people can actually understand the real meaning on slapping b*****s and hoes. And dogs bark. It's very inspirational. Everyone should take at least something from it.
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  • e
    Emma Byrd
    The meaning of the song is to or at least it seems to be making fun of or stereotyping the way Gangsters / Thugs act on movies or so or in other songs by many artist. I find another point is to entertain the listener by giving a funny song with a decent tune and someone dirty lyrics one more reason is to have background music (you cannot sing aloud to your parents) while searching the web, sketching, being stupid, or ignoring annoying family members.
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    • U
      + 4
      It's really meaningful, cause I too have dealt with most of the situations brought up and it makes... Read more →
    • e
      Emma Byrd
      The meaning of the song is to or at least it seems to be making fun of or stereotyping the way... Read more →

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