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Hinder – Hey Ho lyrics

I've never been so happy to see a girl leave
Take your filthy little hands off my dirty ripped jeans
You told me you hated my gnr shirt
Shoulda known then, this is never gonna work
But like what you like, don't matter to me
Just leave the jack and take your hennessy
Take your Kanye out of my player please
Led Zepplin 45 is stayin' with me

Hey ho
Ain't nothin' little 'bout rock n roll
Hey ho
Rap it up and hip-hop down the road
Hell no
Don't turn down my radio
If you're a dirty little rocker
Baby come on and let it show
And scream "Hey ho"

You never liked any damn song I wrote
You spent my money and you smoked my smoke
Pumpin' lame-ass beats in your foreign car
It ain't real music without guitar
I like Jimmy Hendrix, baby don't you know
I like gettin' high, not ridin' low


You can wait me in line, at the club, if you wanna
Shake your ass all night, but I'm gonna
Find a rocker chick that'll bang to Nirvana
Yo, ho! You gotta go!
You ain't nothin' but a...


Never been so happy to see a girl leave
Take your Little Wayne outta my player please
Shoulda never let you smoke my smoke
I like gettin' high, not ridin' low

If you're a dirty little rocker
Baby come on and let it show
And scream "Hey, ho!"

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    In my mind it means just what is says got a little white girl playing hood rat and despising the music that makes all of us us, I also feel that there is a hillbilly side to this song of getting high and not riding low being they wrote it with the love of a lifted truck, I've had some in the past that would always change my radio in my truck from my classic rock to hip hop I wish i would have told them to pack their shit up and leave.
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