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Hilary Duff – Leader Of The Pack lyrics

Haylie:(left)Is she really going out with him?
Other girl: Well there she is, lets ask her
Haylie: Betty is that Jimmys ring your wearing
Hilary: mhmh
Haylie: Gee it must be great riding with him. Is he
Picking you up after school?
Hilary: nmhm
Both: By the way wer'da meet him?
Hilary: I met him at the candy store
He turned around and smiled at me.
Get the picture
Both: Yes we see
All: that's when I fell for the leader of the pack
Hilary: My folks are always putting him down
Both: Down Down
Hilary: They say he came from the wrong side of town
Both: Watcha think when they said he came from the
Wrong side of town
Hilary: They told me hew can't come back
But I knew he'd come back
That's when I fell for the leader of the pack
That day my dad told me to find someone new
I had to tell my Jimmy we were through
Both: Watcha say when he told ya to find someone new
Hilary: He stood there and asked me why
But all I could do was cry
I'm sorry I hurt you..
All: The leader of the pack
He smiled and kissed me goodbye
Tears were beginning to show
As he drove away
I begged him to go slow
Whether he heard, i'll never know
Backround: no no no no

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