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High School Musical 3 – I Am Over You lyrics

Here I am once again,
Picking up the pieces,
Of the mess you've made,
I'm over you spoiling the fun,
Give it a rest,
Clean your own mess.

You have no control,
Over everything that's passed.
Leave it be,
Don't mess with me,
I am over you,
And over what you've done.

You always get what you want,
What about me?
I've had my losses too,
Tokens you took from me. Ooooh.
I am over you.
The spotlight belongs to me.


Is all this pain a part of your game?

You were the one who started this!

[gabriella and sharpay]

I'm tierd of ur crap that you pulled with troy

Troys is mine!!!!


Not for long

Keep yourself out of my life (it's mine)

But you were the one to enter mine first,

I've kept to myself, and kept my friends close

Yet I've always been your enemy?


I've seen you as a threat, never as a foe

But you tried to hurt the ones I loved?

Does getting what I want make me a threat?

It's what you do that makes you so.

It's who I am, and I won't change

Then you'll find yourself as you are now.

[Sharpay & Gabriella:]
Stay away from me.
I am over you

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