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Herman's Hermits – Silhouettes lyrics


Took a walk and passed your house late last night
All the shades were pulled and drawn way down tight
From within, the dim light cast two silhouettes on the shade
Oh what a lovely couple they made

Put his arms around your waist, held you tight
Kisses I could almost taste in the night
Wondered why I'm not the guy who's silhouette's on the shade
I couldn't hide the tears in my eyes


------ lead guitar ------

Lost control and rang your bell, I was sore
Let me in or else I'll beat down your door
When two strangers who have been two silhouettes on the shade
Said to my shock "you're on the wrong block"

Rushed down to your house with wings on my feet
Loved you like I'd never loved you my sweet
Vowed that you and I would be two silhouettes on the shade
All of our days, two silhouettes on the shade


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    If I were to compare and contrast this song. I'd think that they had a lot of hidden meanings for censorship, yet when I first heard this song, about the guy getting angry it reminded me of an Eminem song. Even though I didn't hear the part about him being on the wrong block (Hermits Hermits wasn't the original cover artist for this song.) It seems like a jealous-obsessive at least was stalking the girl which was a common theme in Du-ope, but it other versions he kills the girl & other guy when he sees them standing outside. (It doesn't explicitly say this, but it strongly implies this) Maybe the original artist sold rights to his song for fear of getting a lobotomy? Main theme=Jealous obsessed young man dissociates over a girl who is with someone else, and wants to do something about it, so in one defining moment of passion he does! But all that he could think about is her vivid shadow that may/may not be hers! Is just thinking about this or did it really happen? I also think that anticipation within adolescence is apparent and this could another cautionary tale about a first love gone bad?
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