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Haystak – Y'all Gone Make Us lyrics

They talk a lot of shit, then no show like fema
Havin a hard time commin back just like fila;
Un-prepared for me like hurricane katrina
Jumpin up outa beamers wit divas I can't belive it!

Believe it got a whole crew a a-game killers
Fingers gripped tightly around ak triggers;
Bustin at bitches who think it's just a buncha fiction
I'm the type ta get ta beefin muthafukka buncha friction!

Talkin back an forth like some hos in a cat fight
If he cross the fucken line? Catch em at the red light;
Kill tha headlights an roll up slowly... (silence & crickets chirping then shot gun cocking)
What up homey? (shot gun blast)!

We bring out tha lil kidz and old ladies, mama in the street like (screams) oh my gawd!
Burn rubber throw tha dubs(cwb) so they kno it was us;
Aint nobody sayin nuthin got the hood on hush! What!

Chorus: x4
(Ya'll gone make us do somethin to ya, ya'll gone make us shoot somethin through ya!)

I aint the chief of tha tribe I'm a scout,
And I was down by law as a sprout;
And as I grew they knew one day they'd have a problem'
And they will feel the anguish from L. A. To harlem!

Now I'm back like no one ever expected,
Record after record I wrecked it... Record executives,
Slept it they gone pay the dues later;
Old ass men they gone make a move later.

But the records unquestionable the ethics impeccable,
And the word on the street? "man the cracker incredible",
I get mine like no one ever did in the game,
I'm about to sit down take a shit on the game ewww
That's nasty naw that's classic
Put it in plastic when it gets drastic!

Keep in mind that you don't kno me,
Be careful when you mention my name! Homey!

Chourus: x4

Whoo man I represent the poor man the 'dro man
The blow man, no man, gone stand in my shoes'
An do what I do like I can understand?
I'm in demand, catch me gone off the shelf,
"man they sold out. We gotta go somewhere else!

Download it motherfucker git it anyway you can homey,
I been fucked up too believe I understand homey.
I'm a git mine it aint you that I'm worried bout,
It's these suckers wit my name in they mouth
My style in they mouth.
Wigga round in the south hold it down like what?
Catch you at the after party an you git fucked up!
Big stizzle, stak mack, crackervelli the old g,
Don't act like you don't know me boyyy!
Dam near a decade I held it down,
Three hundred fifty-six pounds
Straight shakin tha ground! Huh!


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