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Have Heart – Watch Me Sink lyrics

A breaking in spirit, a breaking in promise, a breaking in me
How can I find the peace inside me, in a world I can see....
That's taking and taking all for ourselves, taking and taking
And its dragging me down, deeper and deeper
Watch me sink like a stone
In a sea of selfishness,
Where me is more and you is less

The vanity, it becomes insanity.
We eat the shit that's fed to us.
We stomach it, and we embellish it,
And we confuse our love with lust.
Can't we find another way?
The way that goes against the grain.
Abstain, The Grain.
Abstain, abstain, abstain, abstain
The grain

The ugliness, licentiousness,
The love that is just skin deep
Please get me out
Before I become just a memory of what I used to be
Get me the fuck out

We're deaf and blind to a age's cry
We refuse to fucking hear.
Not learning to grow, just losing the one
I used to see in the fucking mirror

The egoists, the narcissists
The shallow waters wade in
Please get me out

Before I become just a memory
Of what I used to be
Get me the fuck out

"of a world that's doing its best, night and day,
To make me everybody else" -e. E. Cummings

Please take me out...
Of a world without any heart
Take me out
When they see my hope and rip it apart
Take me out
Of a world we built to serve our selfish-fucking-selves,
Can you tell me
Where does love fit in?

Remember what love is?

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