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Harem Scarem – Honestly lyrics

I stand before you, accused of many crimes
But I want to believe that love can still survive
You don't have to say it, I don't have to read your mind
To know the emptiness that's finally arrived
How was I, to know the right from wrong
Words were hardly spoken, so where did I go wrong?
Tell me honestly, if you're still loving me
Looking into my eyes, honestly
Words will have more meaning, if they're said at certain times
Now the all they've seen I found to be a lie
How would you know it, you wont give me sometime
To see if everything could work out, and you'd be mine
Oh, will love be lost forever but someday I will find
The world we've all been searching for
Or just some peace of mind...
Tell me honestly, if you're still loving me
Looking into my eyes, honestly...
All the night I sit and wonder
Must be more to laugh, I'm sure that
Days and years gone by while I am
Living with the...
Oh, lonely feeling

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  • u
    The song simply brings out the desire of those persons who want to mend a broken heart. It is very meaningful to those who can relate to it since it can deeply strike someone's wounded heart in a melodious way. I love it.! I strongly recommend this song to those who find no courage in asking a second chance to the person whom they took forgranted before but now has found his value.
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    Honestly is a song that narrates a scene in a relationship wherein a partner cannot tell the whole truth because s/he knows how hurtful it would be for the betterhalf, and on the other hand, the other person is asking for the whole truth no matter how painful it woud be(he's ready to know the truth).
    Cause if the person will tell the whole truth, the other one would know exactly what's going on. I think in most relationships, this really happens during breakups or almost-parting-time. The other one cannot speak of the truth (or what's the real score) cause s/he's too afraid to hurt the other peson more.
    (kinda unfair for the one that's hanging and waitin' for the right words. Hehe. Cause all in all, s/he will keep wondering of what happened, how things happened and what went wrong. Tsss!)
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    For me, this song simply means that if you love someone, you will never hurt his or her inner feelings. You will do something which can make him or her happy. And foremost, you must be honest to him or her. If there is a problem then try to share it, I'm sure he or she will always there to help you. Honestly speaking, I love this song. This is yleechoi.
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  • e
    There are individuals who are just fun of fooling around, playing with people's feelings. They always thinking na there's something fishy going on. Pwes mali sila. This song is dedicated to kimberly zaide who's never gonna learn whats the real meaning on love. Corny as it sems pero this is the truth and the way that I counld describe it. Sana if ganito lang ang mangyayari hnd na sana nag excist ang mga taong kagaya nya.
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    I'm touched by this song. My boyfriend thinks I am having an affair. He's so wrong about his accusation. Maganda lang ako, pero hindi ako unfaitful. Sana hindi ko sya minahal ng sobra para hindi ako nasasaktan ng ganito. But then, kahit masakit handa parin ako mapatawad siya at kalimutan ang kanyang pagdududa. If times comes that we will meet each other and tell me straight while "looking into my eyes" that he does not love me anymore, then, hindi ko pa alam anu ang gagawin ko. I just pray that I will have the courage to accept it and move on.
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