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Recorded by Hank Williams
Words and music by Pee Wee King and Redd Stewart
[C] Travelin' [G7] down a lonely high-[C] way
I knew not [F] where the road would [C] end
Not a [F] penny in my [C] pocket
All a-[G7] lone without a [C] friend
In a [G7] little country [C] village
I met a [F] man and he was [C] blind
As I [F] helped him cross the high-[C] way
Oh! [Am] Lord I cried his [C] burdens are [G7] greater than [C] mine.
I can [F] see the light of day
I [C] need not feel my way
Yes, thy burdens are [G7] greater than [C] mine.
Met a lad while on my travels
Tryin' hard to play the game
Though his leg was very crippled
And he could not speak his name
Yet, he smiled in understandin'
Though life to him had been unkind
And as I watched, I cried in sorrow
Oh! Lord his burdens are greater than mine.
I can speak my name aloud
Make my way among the crowd
Yes, his burdens are greater than mine.
Just by chance I passed a graveyard
I saw a young man kneelin' there
In his hand, there were some roses
On his lips, there was a prayer
On a stone, these words were written
'Your soul is God's, your mem'ry mine'
And as I watched, I cried in sorrow
Oh! Lord I see his burdens are greater than mine.

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