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Halestorm – Familiar Taste Of Poison lyrics

Drink the wine
My darling you said
Take your time
And consume all of it

But the roses
Were only to drain my inspirations
The promises were spoiled
Before they left your lips

I breathe you in again just to feel you
Underneath my skin
Holding on to
The sweet escape
Is always laced with the
Familiar taste of poison

I tell myself
That you're no good for me
I wish you well
But desire never leaves
I could fight this
'Til the end
But maybe I don't want to win


I don't want to be saved
I don't want to be sober
I want you on my mind
In my dreams
Behind these eyes
And I wanna wake up
No not this time


The familiar taste of poison x2

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  • o
    This song is basically (to me), about how a partner can coat bitter hatred in sweet promises of a great life for the relationship, but in the end, this just ends up hurting the other one. They feel dead, but they also want more of the lies, just so they can feel wanted. Heck, it doesn't even speak exclusively to relationships: anybody who lies and then stabs a friend in the back is described by this song. They still want more, but it's always laced with poison.
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  • r
    My meaning to this song is that it reminds me of my ex and I, when we lost communication with each other well I couldn't let go of him so when the lyrics say"i breathe you in again just so i could feel you" well that was me towards my ex. I felt like I was seriously going to die because he was not in my life anymore and he never came back for me. So this song means a lot to me. It makes me sad and wanting to cry. I can relate to this song. And I'm lucky to say that I saw this band live in concert and they sing really good and they have awesome songs.! :)
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  • u
    I think its about a girl that knows that seeing her ex is like playing with dynamite and its horrible for her because he screwed her over so many times but her desire to be with him is still unbelievably strong and she is torn apart by it. There are some indications that it could be about a drug addiction as well but I think its about a horrible relationship tho.
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