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Grimskunk – Live For Today lyrics

Wake up one lousy morning, turn 'round it's gone
I don't wanna make a stink
But now is all that really means anything
The future is a fickle thing
Take what you got, screw the lot, live for today
The world is a lonely place when you're against one another
Silly human, silly human, where you gonna go
Can't run away from he, run away from me, run away from you
You're standing on the sidelines
When all you've got is precious time
The world is a lonely place, gotta bring us together
One life, one chance, one love
I won't ever lose the pain
But something's gotta give, it's time to move
It'll never be the same again
What have we got to lose, live for today
The world is a lonely place when your friends have departed
I'll never get to see your face when we finish what we started
Sitting in my room with no idea where to go
After all this time you figure I really ought to know
But no one ever showed me how
To give up on my only vow
The world is a lonely place when you're left broken-hearted
I never figured this whole thing would end this way
To have to cut you free on a cold September day
Out there somewhere the sun's still shining on
It'll always find you,
Higher, take me away
Wata she wa mame
Out of the water and into the sky
One life, one chance, one love
I won't make the same mistakes
To sit around and wait my whole life long
A half a second's all it takes
To rob you of all your dreams
Live for today

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